OBASHI® Foundation

What is it about?

The OBASHI Methodology scheme consists of two qualification levels: Foundation and Practitioner, with an examination for each.

The OBASHI Foundation qualification aims to determine if a candidate could act as an informed member of a management team, which is using the OBASHI (Ownership, Business Process, Applications, Systems, Hardware and Infrastructure) methodology.

Candidates need to show they understand the principles and terminology of this method. They should:

  • Understand how OBASHI supports Business Strategy
  • Describe the benefits organizations can gain from OBASHI
  • Understand the concept of dataflow and be able to explain the purpose and use of a DAV (Dataflow Analysis View), and describe how it is constructed
  • Recall OBASHI Core Principles and Laws of OBASHI
  • List and describe the concept of Layers and Elements in OBASHI
  • Be able to explain the purpose and use of a B&IT diagram and describe how it is constructed
  • Understand the laws of Digital Dynamics
  • Understand the OBASHI Rules and Relationships
  • Understand the concept of Logical and Physical models.

What can I expect?

This management course follows the syllabus set down by the APM Group. The OBASHI Methodology assesses six layers of your business operations, the first two of examining how the business works. The last four explore the IT assets that support those activities, including:

  • Ownership (stakeholders)
  • Business Process
  • Application
  • System (Operating System)
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure

What’s in it for me?

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to design, monitor and optimize your business in a way that:

  • Is easier to understand
  • Is easier to communicate across the rest of your organization
  • Will help reduce cost and drive competitive advantage

Who should attend?

This management course will benefit business leaders at every level, creating a visual map and giving them a clear understanding of:

  • how their business works
  • the assets that make it work
  • the inter-dependencies between those assets

Do I qualify?

Course delegates should preferably have some experience in a business environment. Delegates who successfully complete the Foundation exam are encouraged to pursue OBASHI Practitioner accreditation.

How and when can I attend?

This is an intensive three day course leading to the OBASHI Foundation examination which takes place on the final day. The multiple choice, closed book exam is one hour and consists of 50 questions. Delegates must obtain 60% out of the 50 available marks.

Delegates receive the following:

  • Accredited course material
  • OBASHI Textbook

Depending on experience, delegates are encouraged to devote at least 14 hours of pre-course studying before attending the course. Evening work is also required during the course.
The OBASHI course is delivered with a blend of classroom training interventions and practical syndicate and individual sessions. All our facilitators are accredited by the APMG.

These courses may be delivered at our premises, or alternatively we also tailor the course to be delivered in-house with adequate attendees.

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